14th International Conference on Hydrodynamics

Wuxi, China 21-25 October, 2022

Instructions for authors

1.  Full Manuscript preparation    
Please prepare the full manuscript in accordance with guidance provided in the paper templates (Microsoft Word).
Paper Template in Microsoft Word

2. Full Manuscript and paper copyright form submission   
Full Manuscript acceptance. The final acceptance of the paper is conditional based on the following:
Paper format should be made in accordance with provided template.
Timely submission: Full paper should be submitted by July 15
, 2022.
Paper copyright: Paper copyright form must be properly completed and signed by the Corresponding Author on behalf of all the authors.  Any article without this form will NOT be published.
Paper review: Reviewer comments will be emailed to the Corresponding Author for further modification or revision.
Submitted papers can be revised before the submission deadline.
Please submit the full manuscript and the copyright form by email.

3.Symposium registration and payment
Register to the Symposium and payment for authors are due by October 15, 
2022.  The papers of authors who fail to register before October 15, 2022 will not be included in the proceedings. Authors with multiple accepted papers must pay the registration fee for each paper.

For further information,please e-mail to: